[english ] Hướng dẫn kiểm tra thông tin C / O trên trang web của các nước xuất khẩu

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The General Department of Vietnam Customs issued a guidance document to the provincial Customs Department for checking information of some forms of C/O on competent authority’s websites of export country.
Specifically, for C / O form D with seals and electronic signatures issued by Indonesia, competent authorities of Indonesia announced to grant C/O form D, E, AK, AI, AANZ, and AJ that have signed and sealed in electronic form from 1/4/2020.

Therefore, Customs authorities will check the information of C/O at the website: http://e-ska.kemendag.go.id -> select e-COO verification -> fill in the reference number C/O.

For C/O form AI issued by India through electronic systems including electronic signatures and QR codes, Indian authorities announced the C/O form AI with electronic signatures and seals would be granted from April 1, 2020.

Check information about C/O at the website: http://Coo.dgft.gov.in -> type the reference number of C / O in the "verify certificate" box to look up information.

For C/O form D issued by Malaysia with electronic seal and signature, the Malaysian authorities announced the issuance of an electronic C/O would be from April 13, 2020, applying for FTAs including AANZFTA; AKFTA; AHKFTA and ATIGA.

The information about C/O could be found at the website: http://newepco.dagangnet.com.my -> fill in the username and password in the part of User Login.

Regarding C/O form E, the information of C/O could be checked at http://origin.customs.gov.cn -> select the certificate info search function -> fill in the number of C/O and the commercial invoice to view information
Link full: https://www.facebook.com/NguyenDangVietNam/posts/1419936028210332