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Bên Công ty Bạn mình cần tim một Merchandiser Manager với yêu cầu kinh nghiệm 03 năm ở vị trí tương đương đáp ứng được Yêu cầu như mô tả ở JD dưới đây, Quyền lợi chế độ có thể thoả thuận trực tiếp, Các bạn giới thiệu giúp nhé.
Đây là nhiệm vụ của Vị trí này:
Sourcing and Product Development: For Outsource Finished Product
Manage Sourcing team to build up supplier network by searching for potential suppliers,
evaluating, make training to ensure suppliers meet Trim Solutions Group quality standard.
Manage Pricing team work closely with suppliers to do costing.
Keep qualifying supplier’s capability / capacity, maintain partnership with suppliers.
Monitor development of new global/local items/project which are needed new technology, co-
operate with supplier for the solutions.
Graphic / Purchasing:
Manage Purchasing team to ensure PO are placed and planned properly and monitor able.
Keep procuerment process are in most effective result: cost and quality.
Manage Graphic team to ensure layout are created within lead time and 100% accuracy

Manage to build up talent for localized Automation system for layout creating with highest
accuracy (zero wrong layout) with lowest lead-time (4hours).
Planning: Inhouse/Outsource:
Manage the allocation process in house/outsource to ensure All the orders are meet the
target/request lead time.Manage Graphic team to ensure layout are created within lead time
and 100% accuracy
Manage the co-ordination for whole operation process: PD-CS-Factory to ensure All order is
running going smooth.
Warehousing - Shipping:
Manage Receiving and Storing process to ensure goods are in good storage and sorting
condition, well control of aging for stock.
Manage the Issuing process follow FIFO..
Manage the Shipping and Delivery Activity to ensure All the delivery in track.
Manage the delivery cost.
General Task
Member of project team: new factory setup, new facility setup, new technology setup, new
product line setup…
Action for Special Assignment from Managing Director.
Report to General manager
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