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AA – Always Afloat
AAAA = Always Accessible Always Afloat
AARA = Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area
A/C = Account
ABS = American Bureau of Shipping.
ABT = About
Accomplished Bill of Lading
ADCOM = Address Commission
AHR = Antwerp Hamburg Range
A/E or ACC/EXC = Accept/Except
AFSPS = Arrival First Sea Pilot Station (Norway)
AFFREIGHTMENT – The hiring of a ship in whole or part
AFRA = Average Freight Rate Assesments
AFT = At or towards the stern or rear of a ship
AGW = All Going Well
AHL = Australian Hold Ladders
AMWELSH93 = Americanized Welsh Coal Charter – Revised 1993
ANTHAM = Antwerp-Hamburg Range
APS = Arrival Pilot Station
ARAG = Amsterdam-Rotterdam–Antwerp-Ghent Range
A/S = Alongside
ATDNSHINC = Any Time Day or Night Sundays and Holidays Included
ATS = All Time Saved
ATUTC = Actual Times Used to Count
AUSWHEAT 1990 = Australian Wheat Charter 1990

BAF = Bunker Adjustment Factor
BALTIME 1939 = BIMCO Uniform Time-Charter (as revised 2001)
BAREBOAT CHTR = Bareboat Charter
BBB = Before Breaking Bulk
BDI = Both Dates Inclusive
BENDS = Both Ends (Load & Discharge Ports)
BI = Both Inclusive
BIMCO = The Baltic and International Maritime Council
BL (1) = Bale
BL (2) = (Bill of Lading) A document signed by the carrier which acts as a receipt and evidence of title to the cargo
Blt = Built
BM = Beam
BEAM = The maximum breadth of a ship
BOB = Bunker on Board
BOFFER = Best Offer
BROB = Bunkers Remaining on Board
B/S = Bunker Surcharge
BSS = Basis
BSS 1/1 = Basis 1 Port to 1 Port
BT = Berth Terms
BTN = Brussels Tariff Nomenclature
BWAD = Brackish Water Arrival Draft


CA = Controlled Atmosphere
CABAF = Currency and Bunker Adjustment Factor
CBM = Cubic Meter
CBFT (or CFT) = Cubic Feet
CCR = Container Code Recognition
CENSA = Council of European and Japanese National Shipowners
CEU = Car Equivalent Unit
CFR (or C&F) = Cost and Freight
CHOPT = Charterers Option
CHTRS = Charterers
CIF = Cost, Insurance & Freight. Seller pays all these costs to a nominated port or place of discharge.
COA = Contract of Affreightment
COACP = Contract of Affreightment Charter Party
COB = Close of Business
COD = Cash On Delivery
COGSA = Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
CONS = Consumption
COP = Custom of Port
CP (or C/P) = Charter Party
CPD = Charterers Pay Dues
CPT = Carriage Paid To
CQD = Customary Quick Dispatch
CROB = Cargo Remaining on Board
CRN = Crane
CSI = Container Security Initiative
CST = Centistoke
C-TPAT = Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Program
CTR = Container Fitted
CY = Container Yard

DAP = Delivered at Place
DAPS = Days all Purposes
DDU = Delivered Duty unpaid
DDP = Delivered Duty Paid
DEM = Demurrage
DESP = Despatch
DET = Detention
DHDATSBE = Dispatch Half Demurrage on Actual Time Saved Both Ends
DHDWTSBE = Dispatch Half Demurrage on Working Time Saved Both Ends
DISCH = Discharge
DISRATE = Rate of Discharge
DK = Deck
DLOSP = Dropping Last Outwards Sea Pilot (Norway)
DO = Diesel Oil
DOC = Document of Compliance
DOLSP = Dropping Off Last Sea Pilot (Norway)
DOP = Dropping Outward Pilot
DOT = Department of Transport
DNRSAOCLONL = Discountless and Non-Returnable Ship and/or Cargo Lost or Not Lost
DRK = Derrick
DWAT (or DWT) = Deadweight
DWCC = Deadweight Cubic Capacity
D1/2D = Demurrage Half Despatch

EBAF = Emergency Bunker Adjustment Factor
EBS = Emergency Bunker Surcharge
EC = East Coast
EIU = Even if Used
ELVENT = Electric Ventilation
ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC = Estimated Time of Completion
ETD = Estimated Time of Departure
ETS = Estimated Time of Sailing
EXW = Ex Works

FAS = Free Alongside Ship
FAF = Fuel Adjustment Factor
FAK = Freight All Kinds
FCA = Free Carrier
F&CC = Full and Complete Cargo
FCL = Full Container Load
FD = Free of Despatch
FD = Free Discharge
FDD = Freight Demurrage Deadfreight
FDIS = Free Discharge
FEU = Forty foot container equivalency unit Standard 40′ Container
FFABA = The Forward Freight Agreement Brokers’ Association
FFW = Freight Forwarder
FHEX = Fridays/Holidays Excluded
FHINC = Fridays/Holidays Included
FILO = Free In/Liner Out.
FIO = Free In/Out.
FIOS = Free In/Out Stowed.
FIOT = Free In/Out and Trimmed.
FIOST = Free In/Out and Trimmed.
FIT = Free In Trimmed
FIW = Free In Wagon
FIXING = Chartering a Vessel
FLT = Full Liner Terms
FMC = Federal Maritime Commission
FMS = Fathoms = 6 feet
FO (IFO) = Fuel Oil/Intermediate FO
FOB = Free on Board
FOFFER = Firm Offer
FOG = For Our Guidance
FOQ = Free On Quay
FOR = Free On Rail
FOS = Fuel Oil Surcharge
FOT = Free On Truck
FOW (1) = First Open Water
FOW (2) = Free On Wharf
FREE OUT = Free of discharge costs to Owners
FWAD = Fresh Water Arrival Draft
FWDD = Fresh Water Departure Draft
FYG = For Your Guidance
FYI = For Your Information

GA = General Average
GASBEND = Good and Safe Port Both Ends
GLS = Gearless
GNCN = Gencon a standard BIMCO charter party form
GN (or GR) = Grain (capacity)
GNS = German North Sea
GO = Gas Oil
GRD = Geared
GRT = Gross Registered Tonnage
GSB = Good Safe Berth
GSP = Good Safe Port
GTEE = Guarantee

2H = Second Half
HA = Hatch
HDWTS = Half Dispatch Working Time Saved
HMS = Heavy Metal Scrap
HO = Hold
HRS = Hours
HVFL = Heavy Fuel
HW = High Water

IMDG Code = International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
IMO = International Maritime Organization
ICC = Institute Cargo Clauses
IND = Indication
ITF = International Transport Federation
IU = If Used
IUATUTC = If Used, Actual Time Used To Count
IUHATUTC = If Used, Half Actual Time Used To Count
IWL = Institute Warranty Limits
Chartering Terms Start With “J”

KN = Knots

LASH (1) =
LASH (2) =
LAT = Latitude
LOA = Length Overall of the vessel
LOW = Last Open Water
LS (or LUMPS) = Lumpsum
LSD = Lashed Secured Dunnaged
LT = Liner Terms
LW = Low Water
LYCN = Laycan (Layday Canceling Date)

MB = Merchant Broker
MDO (DO) = Marine Diesel Oil
MIN/MAX = Minimum/Maximum (cargo quantity)
MOLCHOPT = More or Less Charterers Option
MOLOO = More or Less Owners Option
MT = Metric Ton (i.e. 1,000 kilos / 2204.6lbs)
M/V = Motor Vessel

NAABSA = Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground
NCB = National Cargo Bureau
NESTING = Implies that cargo is presented stacked in the contour of similarly shaped cargo, it may be likened to a stack of plates.
NON-REVERSIBLE = (Detention). If loading completed sooner than expected, then saved days will not be added to discharge time allowed.
NOR = Notice of Readiness
NRT = Net Registered Tonnage
NYPE = New York Produce Exchange

OO = Owners Option
OSH = Open Shelter Deck
OWS = Owners

PASTUS = Past Us
PC = Period of Charter
PCGO = Part Cargo
PCT = Percent
PDPR = Per Day Pro Rata
PERDIEM = Per Diem = By the Day
PHPD = Per Hatch Per Day
PRATIQUE = License or permission to use a port

RCVR = Receivers
REVERSIBLE (Detention) = If loading completed sooner than expected at load port, then days saved can be added to discharge operations.
ROB = Remaining On Board
RT = Revenue Ton (i.e. 1.0 metric Ton or 1.0 cubic meter, whichever is greater). The overall RT is calculated on a line by line basis of the Packing List using the largest amount. The overall freight liability is calculated on the total RT amount, multiplied by the freight rate.

SATPM = Saturday P.M.
SB = Safe Berth
SD (or SID) = Single Decker
SELFD = Self Discharging
SF = Stowage factor.
SHINC = Sundays/Holidays Included
SHEX = Sundays/Holidays Excluded
SL = Bale (capacity)
SOC = Shipper Owned Container
SOF = Statement Of Facts
SP = Safe Port
SRBL = Signing and Releasing Bill of Lading
SSHEX (or SATSHEX) = Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Excluded
SSHINC (or SATSHINC) = Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Included
STARBOARD = Right side of a ship when facing the bow
STEM = Subject To Enough Merchandise (Availability of Cargo)
STERN = The aft part of a ship
SUB = Subject (to)
SWAD = Salt Water Arrival Draft
SWDD = Salt Water Departure Draft

TC = Time Charter
TEU = Twenty Foot Equivalency Unit Standard 20′ Container
TTL = Total
TW = Tween Decker

USC = Unless Sooner Commenced
UU = Unless Used
UUIUATUTC = Unless Used If Used Actual Time Used To Count

VPD = Vessel Pays Dues

WCCON = Whether Customs Cleared Or Not
WIBON = Whether In Berth Or Not
WIFPON = Whether In Free Pratique or not
WIPON = Whether In Port Or Not
WLTOHC (distance) Water Line-To-Hatch Coaming
WOG = Without Guarantee
WPD = Weather Permitting Day
WWD = Weather Working Day
WRIC = Wire Rods In Coils
WWR = When, Where Ready
WWWW = Wibon, Wccon, Wifpon, Wipon

YAR = York Antwerp Rules

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